Founder: Slim

Working hard and keeping focus on my ultimate goals is what motivates me and my company. I have always wanted to work in the field of communications because I was always good at talking to people. I wanted to utilize the skills that I was born with and make a career for myself. After receiving my AA degree for Mass Communications I decided it was time to really focus on my future. I begun to work for Broward County School and quickly realized that if I wanted to work in the communications field that I needed to continue my education. I started school at F.A.U. in the winter semester and I have learned so much since. Therefore, I took the education that I received and started my company E.O. PROMOTIONS & MARKETING GROUP LLC. I have been in business for her past two and half years. My company specializes in artist/product promotions, creative marketing, special event planning, internet marketing, and more…I currently work with several well known labels in Fort. Lauderdale such as; Plug Entertainment, Fetti Records, Left Lane University and more. My company is best known for being professional and meeting deadlines. I pride myself on my word and I am determined to keep my word. Hard work and dedication are the ingredients for a successful business.

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