4everADiva..Knowing your worth!

I recently was invovled with a man who had someone else. At first it seemed fun and exciting but as time went by seem like I was accepting second place. Yea he did things for me and took me out but I would always be second. It took his mate to call me before I realized that second place is unacceptable.As females we tend to not realize the emotinal damage we put ourselves through when we accept second place. I am now in the process of trying to love myself more and to not focus on what I don’t have. It’s very complicated to make yourself feel worthy of love yourself. I meet guys everyday and because my last relationship was basically based on sex. I feel that some small part of me thinks that all I can offer someone. I can’t honestly imagine what it would be like to be someone’s number one. This is sad but true situation that alot of females go through, my advice would be to take time and get to know yourself first before you jump back into another relationship. From my experience I learned that the longer I took to end it, the longer I was confuised and sad.In conclusion know your worth and don’t subject yourself to be anybody’s number two.

4everADiva Motto: Do it for yourself not for the crowd: Til next time stay FLY, FOCUSED and love YOU!

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