I think that anyone can be a Diva but it’s just the style that you use that will set you apart. A Diva used to be considered the girl with the “bitchest” attitude but all that has changed. My definition of a Diva is a woman who can make any situation work for her. For example, I lost my job this past year and I have been more focused and driven then I have been in the past 5 years to become more successful with my business. (E.O.PROMO) it is most important to me that I set a good example for my five nieces. I don’t have any children “YET” so I would like to show my nieces that even when you least expect it life happens and being a Diva means being able to make unexpected situation work to your advantage. Also being a Diva for me is a way of living, not an attitude. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself to respect yourself enough to have morals and yes to be “FLY”.
However being “FLY” is whatever you feel it is because it’s the way you view yourself that matters the most. Hey, maybe I can’t afford Prada but I can afford Marshalls Department Store. (FYI) Which by the way has some really quality clothes. If you have to have on the most expensive clothes just to be a Diva then you have already lost. In conclusion, from my 1st blog by “4everADiva” I would like to leave you with this idea “If you can’t be you then who are you being, it’s easier to just be the best you ever.
4everADiva Motto: Do it for yourself not for the crowd: Til next time stay FLY, FOCUSED and love YOU!

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